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    Founded in 2007, Trish Leonard Consulting, LLC is a Financial Aid Resource to fill temporary or permanent needs as a part of your Management Team. TLC has over 30 years of experience in advising with Educational Financial Aid and Management Consulting. TLC advises on Title IV, accrediting and state regulatory compliance issues; provides management mentoring and assistance; as well as systems and process flow evaluations to proprietary institutions and related businesses. We also assist schools through the application process to begin participation in the TIV programs. Whether you need someone to evaluate your processes, train staff, perform special projects, or need assistance with a pending Audit or ED Program Review, TLC can provide the necessary assistance.

    TLC consults regularly with legal and accounting professionals as well as Department of Education officials to ensure TLC clients receive the most current interpretations of current and upcoming regulations.

Trish Leonard

    Trish Leonard is President of Trish Leonard Consulting (TLC). She has been working with proprietary institutions since 1980 spending 20 years with Mitchell Sweet and Associates, a financial aid software provider and consulting firm. During that time, she led the Need Analysis System certification project, conducted training workshops, responded to program reviews and audits and was part of the software development and testing team. She then spent 7 years as Vice President of Financial Aid and Regulatory Compliance for a large, multi-campus proprietary institution. She opened her own consulting firm in January, 2007.

    Trish graduated from Ottawa University with a BS in Business Administration and Management. She is currently a member of the Arizona Board of Private Postsecondary Education. She has spoken at national and state conferences.


We work as part of your team to provide solutions to everyday challenges related to Title IV as well as planning for long term goals. Most projects can be done remotely in an efficient and cost effective manner. We provide expertise in a variety of areas:

Regulatory Advice: TLC assists institutions in evaluating their current state of Title IV, Accrediting and State regulatory compliance.

Mentoring and Training: TLC provides training for all levels of Financial Aid staff and other departments which interact with the FA department. Mentoring is provided to enable increased communications between departments and within the FA department.

Process Flow Evaluation: TLC reviews current processes and makes recommendations for improvement as well as implementation of efficient and economical practices.

Policies and Procedures: TLC reviews existing Policies and Procedures. Hardy policies and procedures provide the road map for staff and are critical to ensure consistent and accurate management in this highly regulated industry.

Audit and Program Review Resolution: Responding clearly and accurately to audit and program review findings is a critical aspect of Title IV Financial Aid administration. TLC can assist staff in determining how to resolve findings and improve processes, which will help you, your employees and your institution avoid similar findings in the future. We also provide on-site representation during audits and program reviews to facilitate the process and address issues immediately while the auditors/reviewers are on-site. This also allows for staff to attend to their normal daily workload with minimal disruption.

TIV Funding Reconciliations: TLC can review your school's reconciliations to ensure that your school accounts are balanced with G5 and COD.

ECAR Applications/Updates: Is your ECAR up to date? Do you need assistance applying for Title IV eligibility or updating your ECAR? TLC can review the application and/or ECAR and train staff on the process of applying for TIV aid or updating data through the E-Application process.

Corporate Level FA Staff Assistance: Does the school sometimes need someone to assist staff on special projects? Does your institution's size not warrant a corporate level FA staff? TLC can assist with these projects on an as-needed basis.

File Reviews: Has the school had an external evaluation of the student Financial Aid files? Doing so helps to evaluate staff knowledge and can identify inefficiencies in the application of internal processes and procedures.

Reconstructions: Is a reevaluation of processes such as R2T4 calculations, SAP, Verifications or C-Code resolution required? TLC can provide staff training if required.

Note: Schools are permitted to contract with consultants for assistance in administering the FSA programs. However, the school ultimately is responsible for the use of FSA funds and will be help accountable if the consultant mismanages the programs or program funds. Therefore it is critical that schools participate in the processes, provide all relevant information and review the outcome of all contracted work.

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